Two Women. Shopping? Lunch? Two Women and Four Men. Business meeting? Social event? Two Women, Four Men and a Football Game. HISTORY!

Two women and four men made up an NCAA football game officiating crew last October and made history. Although there has been a female official on other college football officiating crews, having two women was a first.

How did this happen? In an interview with Mike Burton, the Commissioner of Officials for the Northwest Football Intercollegiate Officials Association ( NFIOA) he was asked about this assignment for the Whitworth University/ Menlo College football game. Mike, who has been training football officials for more than 30 years, said “The strongest ability I look for in a good referee is communication skills. Anyone can be taught the rules of the game, but the ability to communicate clearly and calmly isn’t easily taught.” So why two
women on this crew?

From the Left:
Rick Ross - Field Judge   |   Mary Podesta - Line Judge   |   John Love - Side Judge Bruce Bondi - Referee     |   Craig Lemster - Umpire        |    Cat Conti - Head Linesman  
Jim Bruno - Back Judge